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My name is Ketut Suwenda and I look forward to welcoming you to my beautiful Bali.

Bali is blessed in many ways. It has everything: beautiful mountains, wide surfing beaches, rich culture traditions and enduring religious values, as well as wonderful food and vibrant nightlife.

Bali offers something for everyone and is truly the "island of the gods".

I want your Bali vacation (or business visit) to be unforgettable.

My services

Ketut, your Bali driver guide with new car.

My speciality is full day and extended custom tours - made to meet your interests so you get the most out of your visit to Bali. I can offer standard tours that take in most famous places in Bali or I can make a tour for you based on my lifetime knowledge of the island.

Many of my clients hire me and my car for the whole visit so I am always available for going to the beach, seeing the wonderful landscape, shopping, evening events, restaurants, etc.

Airport transfers, both pick up and return, are part of my services. Like taxi, I can take you in my car to wherever you wish on Bali.

Pura (Temple) Taman Ayun

In addition to guide and driver I can help you source a wide range of quality Balinese products including textiles, stone and wood carving, ceramics, basketry, paintings etc. I have had several business clients and collectors who have used me for this knowledge.

I speak very good English and also speak some Japanese.

My car rental business is family business based in Ubud. If I am not available, there will be the member of our team will assist you. Our team is an expert driver guide, speaks good English, and friendly.

Rice terraces at Tegallalang

About me - your driver

Ketut Suwenda - your Bali car driver and guide

In 1997 I learnt to drive and January 1998 I got my car Driving Licence. Since 2000 I have been Bali tour driver and guide. I have very good safety record.

I was born in 1976 in the small village name Petang in Badung Regency. It is about 40km north of Ubud. My parents were farmers but sadly my father died when I was 16 years. To finish senior high school I work hard after school to get money for the fees.

Then I began work in a specialist textile shop and learnt English and Japanese.

In ten years of selling very beautiful old batik and ikat I helped many customers with their business needs. My business experience means I know ways of doing business in Bali.

It is not easy talking about myself. My customers come from all over the world. Perhaps it is best you look at my 'Happy Clients' section to see what other people say about me.

For example Maya Trujillo Ringe from Seattle, USA said: "Honestly, our trip could not have been as fulfilling without you and we very much appreciate all you did. I actually cried when we walked away from you - we got used to your smile, your bright energy and contagious laughter."

To know more please visit me on Facebook.

My wife Kadek, myself, our handsome son Putu Abi and our beautiful daughter Made Amita.
'Putu' or 'Wayan' are names given to the 1st born child in a family, 'Kadek' or 'Made' to the 2nd born child, 'Nyoman' to the 3rd born and 'Ketut' to the 4th born.

Bali Places and People

There are so many places I could take you to.

Below are examples of what you could see and do.

A tour of several days is best but also try clicking on 'Example One Day Tour' to get an idea of what can be done in one day.

Why not let me suggest a tour program especially for you? Then you can be sure to have the most excellent time in Bali.

I can take you to all the famous places but I can also take you to explore special places I have found in many years of being driver and guide in Bali.


Pura Ulun Danu

Bali is a land of temples. They all have a unique character, their beauty is astonishing.

Pura Ulun Danu at Bedugal in the central highlands is one of Bali's nine directional temples which protect the island from evil spirits. A Hindu/Buddhist temple founded in the 17th century, it is a great place to visit as it surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Pura Tanah Lot

Other famous directional temples you can visit include: Pura Besakih, Bali's most important temple 1000m up on the western slopes of Gunung Agung in East Bali and, Pura Luhur Uluwatu on the western end of the Bukit peninsular.

There are also a set of 'sea temples' built in the 16th century by a hindu monk from Java named Niratha. The sea temples are mostly found on the western coast of Bali and include: Pura Tanah Lot near Canggu; Pura Kehen, The Temple of Fire, one of the largest in Bali, located in Bangli; and Pura Tirta Empul, in Tampaksiring with its well known water springs and bathing pools.

Shop till you drop!

Ubud market - baskets for temple offerings

Bali is a shopper's paradise.

I can take you to traditional markets like those at Sukawati, which is a wonderful craft market, or to Ubud for morning market filled with all forms of produce,spices and tropical fruit.

You can try bargaining at the street markets of Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua or go to fixed price shopping in department stores.

Sukawati market

You can take home hand made clothing, jewellery, handicraft, antiques and artifacts, and leatherware.

Be sure to bring a big suitcase!

Balinese food and dining

You will love Balinese food. The climate means plenty of tropical fruit (bananas, papayas, jackfruit, durians, kaffir limes) and vegetables (especially kangkung or water spinach) can to be bought in markets daily.

All Balinese food has mixture of sweet, salty, hot and sour flavours, in ordinary food eaten at home and in temple festival food for the gods.

Vegetable tempura, Ubud Botanic Gardens

Daily food always includes rice and perhaps a vegetable dish simply flavoured with a paste of chilli, garlic, onions and turmeric, sometimes with chicken and tofu added along with spices and coconut milk.

Festival food is more elaborate and is always purified by the local priest before being enjoyed by the families who bought it. Lawar is the most famous festival dish - a mix of pig and turtle, fresh blood, vegetables, seasonings and sauces, served on banana leaf.

Sunset dining at Jimbaran Bay

'Warung' (restaurant) food in Bali is high quality, diverse and delicious. Jimbaran Bay is famous for its seafood barbequed over coconut rusk coals; Singaraja for its 'babi guling' (pork). 'Bebek' (duck) is a must for all visitors to Bali.

Cooking demonstration at Casa Luna

There are many good cooking schools in Bali but Casa Luna in Ubud is one of the best known with its friendly, trained staff and superb location.


Sun baking, swimming, surfing, white water rafting, snorkelling, diving and boat trips can all be enjoyed in Bali.

Bali has some of the best surfing beaches. Kuta's Beach has a long expanse of white sand and great waves for beginners. You can walk out of some of Kuta's best eateries or speciality shops straight onto the beach.

Surf at Uluwati and sleeping monkey!

For surfing specialists Padang-padang beach is the best with the Indian Ocean's long rolling waves.

Close by is Uluwati Beach. Its big waves are just wild - best for the experienced surfer. On a good day the waves are 5m to 15m, but can go to 30m!

Landscapes and Gardens

From east to west, north to south, Bali is so picturesque. You will find landscapes of startling beauty, others of wild energy and others will fill you with gentleness and calm.

You could begin with World Heritage Site, Jatiluwih, in the shadow of Gunung Batukaru. Here are picture perfect rice terraces and traditional village life including gamelan playing and ceremonies.

Sacred springs at Tirta Empul

A trip to Kintamani will give you spectacular view of Gunung Batur and Danau Batur. Your trip there can take several routes and include experiencing: Goa Gajah, the elephant cave; near Tampaksiring you will find the sacred springs of Tirta Empul; Gunung Kawi, the “Candi’s” (tombs) of Anak Wungsu and his queens; and the Elephant Safari Park at Taro.

Batu Jimbar Sanur

On the slopes of Gunung Agung is “A Garden Fit for a King” – Tirtagangga. This is beautiful complex of water gardens, stepping stones, statues and fountains. The garden is near Amlapura, on the east coast of Bali.

North from Bedugul are Bali’s Botanical Gardens, a branch of the national botanic gardens at Bogor, near Jakarta.

Ubud’s Botanic Garden is a place of peace. It is only 5 minutes from Ubud centre and is open daily.

Bali's west offers a wide range of adventures, on land and underwater. This area includes the Bali Barat National Park, 19,000 hectares in size. As you move towards the West, a different group of flora and fauna flourish in the drier air. Here you will find deer, large monitor lizards and over 80 species of birds.

Within this wonderful wilderness you will be very welcome at the Menjangan Resort in the National Park. It offers you an amazing range of eco-experiences. I can get you there in a three hour drive, straight up the west coast through Negara or go by the road across from Bedugul, my home territory.

If we go to the far east of Bali, Candidasa is a good base from which to explore. Then you could wander around the coast to the sleepy fishing village of Amed. The waters off Amed teem with fish species making the area very popular with snorkellers and divers. The contrast between the water's edge and the black sand and the 'jukung' (the fishing boats) lining the shore is a sight to remember.

Activities for Everyone

With my family at Bali Bird Park

The range of things you can do in Bali is endless, from the Bali Bird Park, the Elephant Park to White Water Rafting and other activities too many to list.

In Bali you can simply relax or if you want to do something there is so much choice.

Your welcome to Bali will be as warm as these smiles.

Example One Day Tour

This is typical example of what can be seen and done in a one day tour. It is cultural tour.

The tour will start at 8:30 am (or when you wish).

I will pick you up from your hotel.

First stop: Batubulan village

Barong dance

Here you will see Barong and Kris dance.

The Barong play represents an eternal fight between good and evil spirits. A barong (a mythological animal) represent good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) represent evil one.

This village is also famous for stone carving.

Second stop: Neka Museum, Ubud

A Donald Friend painting in Neka Museum

Stop to see nice painting museum located in Sanggingan village.

Neka Art Museum is in a beautiful garden overlooking a river valley. Separate buildings based on traditional Balinese architecture show you the history of Balinese painting.

It is ideal place to see art works by Balinese, other Indonesian, and foreign born artists inspired by the magic of Bali. The foreign born artists include: Donald Friend (Australia); Rudolf Bonnet (Dutch); Arie Smit (Dutch-born Indonesian), and Theo Meier (Swiss).

Third stop: Tegallalang village

Rice terrace, Tegallalang

To see one of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali. The patterns in shades of gold, green and brown created by rice cultivation captivate all visitors to Bali.

Rice is the most important crop grown in Bali: 'padi' is the rice plant, 'beras' is the uncooked grain and 'nasi' is cooked rice. Water is essential for rice cultivation and the maze of waterways across the island is organised by the 'subak', the rice growers’ association.

Fourth stop: Penelokan

Mount Batur overlooking Lake Batur

To see a good view of Gunung Batur (Mount Batur) the most active volcano in Bali. It has erupted on large scale more than 20 times in the last 200 years. The worst occasion was in 1917 when over 1000 people died and over 2000 temples were destroyed.

Fifth stop: Temen village

Coffee: from growing, roasting to drinking

To see plantation of coffee, cocoa, spice and fruit garden. Also you can see processing of Bali coffee with traditional process using wood fire.

Sixth stop: at wood carving village, Mas and painter village, Batuan

Batuan painting by I Gede Widyantara

Mas village produce very good quality wood carving from hard wood such as teak, mahogany, ebony and hibiscus and woods imported from Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra.

In Batuan village artists have created variety of painting.

Desa Batuan Temple

Here also you can see Pura Desa Batuan (Desa Batuan temple) with famous split gate, nice stone carving and statue in the temple.

Final stop: back at your hotel

My vehicle

My car is new model Toyota Avanza made in 2012. It can carry up to 6 people (or up to 4 people with luggage).

It is fully air conditioned front and back ensuring comfort for all passengers. Looking out is good from all seats.

All seats have safety belts and safety headrests.

In the car I always keep bottled water and unbrellas to shade from sun.

It has CD player so you can enjoy Bali music or bring your own CD's.

It is perfect for comfortable guided tour and for airport pickup and transfer.

The car already has special licence for tourist passengers so when I am driving with tourist passengers there will be no problems with Bali police.

Rates & what's included

A one day tour of Bali taking in a number of key sites takes 8-10 hours.

the cost start from US$ 45 up to US$ 70 depend on your hotel location and the trip.

The costs include:
- the car for up 6 passengers
- my driving and guiding
- petrol, car insurance, parking fees, tolls and taxes
- use of sarong and scarf for going in temples
- bottled water

The costs do not include:
- your meals (and accommodation)
- any entrance fees
- tips

The rate is the same if your party is one person or six persons.

Hire is always private hire for you and your party only.

Airport Pickup, Taxi etc

Pickup service

I am very happy to do Bali Airport pickups and transfers.

If you know your flights already, please advise date, flight number and time on the form in the 'Contact me' page.

I will be there waiting for you at the Airport, with a big sign with your name on it. You will see me as soon as you come into the Arrivals Hall.

I will help with your luggage, take you to your hotel, and be there to assist you, if necessary, at reception.

You may have many questions about Bali, like where to eat, what to see and do, etc. Please ask as I know Bali very well.

I am also happy to take you anywhere on Bali at your request.

Pickup / Transfer / Taxi fees

Pickup/Taxi fees from Ubud to:
Airport US$ 28
Kuta, Legian or SeminyakUS$ 28
Nusa Dua or JimbaranUS$ 31
SanurUS$ 22
LovinaUS$ 47
PemuteranUS$ 62
Padang Bay US$ 30
CandidasaUS$ 35
Amed or TulambenUS$ 47

For other areas please ask for rates.

Please note that, with luggage, my car is comfortable for maximum four passengers.

Tandjung Sari Hotel, Sanur

Happy Clients

Here are some of the references my clients have kindly sent me about my services as a driver and guide

From the Schramm Family - Switzerland

Schramm family and Ketut with baby

Because of Ketut's outstanding service, we could explore bali in a perfect way.

Ketut shared his knowledge with us and supported us in any way. We - four adults - were travelling with three babies, what means is that not everything went as planned. Ketut had always a solution and is the most patient driver we ever had.

Besides that, we've found a friend we can trust blindly.

We can recommend Ketut in any way. He is truly a safe Bali driver.

From Nuttasan and Wachira - Thailand

Wachira and Nuttasan

It was first time for us at Bali ... Me and my girlfriend really excited, what we see in the place where we haven't been before. We are really impress about the culture and traditional and most important is Ketut... For me and my girlfriend, he the best ever driver in Bali... He bring us to see all the things in Bali ...

Such a nice guy. The way we feel about Ketut, we feel like Ketut is our friend not just our driver . We quite sure that, we will back to Bali again next year .... We miss you ...... Keep in touch....

From Linda Brophy - Californis, USA

Safe in th the new hotel

I have known Ketut for almost four years now. Having traveled to south, east and west Bali with Ketut I have witnessed his safe driving skills first hand. I have toured with him and he so kindly brought along a beautiful sarong and sash, so that I could enter the sacred temples.

He has a vast knowledge of Balinese life and culture which has allowed me to learn about this beautiful and complex country.

During my most recent trip to Bali in June 2012, I inadvertently got myself into a sticky situation by making a poor choice in accomodation. After a night of being bitten by numerous bugs and somewhat hysterical, I called Ketut for help. To my relief, he immediately came and picked me up. He then proceeded to find far more beautiful and less expensive accomodation for me than I could have ever found on my own. He saved my Bali vacation.

Whether he is picking you up at the airport, taking you on a tour, providing transport to remote areas of Bali or helping you set up your new villa, Ketut is always professional, knowledgable, patient, helpful, organized, and kind.

Ketut is definitely a person you want to know in Bali.

From Greg Roberts and Ian Reed - Queensland, Australia

Ian and Greg with Ketut at Pura Kehen

Ketut has been known to us for some 12 years. During that time he has not only been our safe and reliable English speaking driver, but also a friend and informative travelling companion.

He is well versed in the history and culture of his native Bali and his charm has ensured we have come to know and love Bali too.

His knowledge of Batik is extensive (his own shop is in Jalan Hanoman Ubud) and his restaurant recommendations are the best.

But what makes him special is not so much his formal advice and commentary but his willingness to share his own family life with those he trusts. We recall a visit to his family village as just as memorable as our visit to the Pura Besakih temple complex on Gunung Agung.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ketut to any visitor to Bali – the’’ Island of the Gods”

From Mirella Blaauw - The Netherlands

Hello Travellers and Bali-explorers,

Bali, the land of mystics, magic, love, beautiful landscapes and wonderful
lovely people, never felt so welcome in a country as it was in Bali. I've been here twice. Both times I've met Ketut Suwenda, a driver and tourist guide, who's located in Ubud, but working all over Bali.

His nickname is Safe Bali Driver and he sure is! But he is more...far more... He is really well knowing about what's going on in Bali. He can tell you everything you want to know about this wonderful country. His prices are really reasonable. It makes him happy, but sure it's also good for your wallet.

In good memories I was thinking back to Ketut, so when I went back to Bali in September, there was no doubt to 'hire' him again. It was a warm welcome to see him back again.

So what can I say about him....he sure is a very safe driver, he is very kind, fair prices, he is well knowing about Bali and he speaks very good English. A real gentleman who I can recommend for the best trips to explore Bali!

FRom the Kalikows - USA

Taking an elephant ride in Bali Elephant Park

We traveled to Bali last month, and based on a recommendation found in Frommers website. We arranged for Ketut Suwenda to be our driver and guide. He was wonderful -- an even better resource and than we'd hoped for, as well as being fun, good company, and a good friend.

Ketut is extremely knowledgeable, and works hard to make sure your vacation is full of wonderful times. For example, he found out which traditional Balinese dances were being performed at venues near where we'd be each day, as we traveled around Bali for our 2 weeks with him. He ensured we wouldn't miss seeing interesting things we might want to add to that day's itinerary, such as a spice and coffee plantation, or traditional Balinese village, etc. Our days were full of beautiful sights and interesting activities.

He phoned hotels to get information and help arrange accommodations for us on those nights when we'd not made advance reservations.

Ketut's car is very comfortable, clean, and cool. He's an excellent driver, careful and safe. Personally, he is friendly, helpful, reliable, and honest, and being with him added a great deal of fun as well as local expertise to our vacation. We would highly recommend him.

From Mr Takano - Tokyo, Japan

Ketut san niha bali ryokou de itumo osewa ni natte imasu.
Bali ni ha mou nandoka ryokou wo siteimasuga, saisyo no koro, tokuni kuroushita no ga Taxi no ryoukin kousyou desita.
Bali de ha taxi ha kojin taxi bakari nanode, souba no nanbai mono ryoukin wo teiji sareru koto ha nitijyousahanji de, kibou no gaku ni suru made no kousyou ni sugoku jikan ga kakari masu.

Ketut san ha, ryoukin ga hijyou ni ryoushinteki de aru noto, akaruku syoujikina sinraidekiru Hitogara nanode, kare to deatte kara ha maikai soraiba(driver) wo onegai site imasu.
Kotira no youbou mo dekiru kagiri oujite kureru node, kankou ya rejya(leisure) nado iroiro Onegai site miruto yoi to omoi masu.
Motiron, nihongo deno kaiwa ga dekimasu.(kono bunsyou ha ro-maji dessu ga…) Tokidoki muzukasii tango ha wakaranai youdesuga, denwa deno kaiwamo mondainai node
Komyunike-syon(communication) de kurou suru koto ha hotondo nai to omoi masu.

From Robert Boughey - Bangkok, Thailand

I have been to Bali multiple times before and am still in love with the island and its people. Last year, I decided to take my girlfriend for a little surprise holiday in Bali and met Ketut by chance at his store in Ubud. Both him and his family were very warm and kind the moment we met so we decided to ask him to be our guide.

To this day, whenever I know that someone will be traveling to Bali, I insist on them contacting Ketut. He took us around and showed us the most beautiful places on the island.

He also went far beyond his duty when he hiked up with us to top of one of the local volcano at 4 in the morning!!! I would recommend him to anyone and hope that you will enjoy the Bali experience as I have.

From Mary Leong - New Jersey, USA

My husband & I travel around the world quite a bit, mostly to quite unusual places. We returned to Bali for a two week stay. We found Bali's beauty surpassed only by the friendliness of its people.

We were also fortunate enough to come across a most wonderful driver and guide, Ketut Suwenda. His fees were very reasonable, and his knowledge of Balinese culture and various tourism information was excellent. He is also very honest & helpful.

I'm slightly handicapped, and he took special care to be sure that I was comfortable through our entire trip. He went out of his way to accommodate our plans. At times, he would work extremely long hours without complaint.

His main goal was to be sure that our vacation would be an unforgettable one. Well he succeeded wildly! We had the most wonderful time we could remember and we know that we will have Ketut as a friend in Bali to help us on our return.

From Jimmy - Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

We, me and my wife, were in Honeymoon in Bali. Mr Ketut and his kindly service has made our honeymoon is the most beautiful vacation. He takes us to enjoy the beautiful scene, fancy restaurants, balinese culture, traditional handicrafts, art, and cuisine, which is our interest.

Mr Ketut is an easy going person, friendly, and very listening person. He always understand what is our interest, that's why he always share his knowledge and experience of balinese culture, which we enjoy.

We personally recommend him to our friends and definitely will contact him when we come back to Bali for our second honeymoon next year, but then it will be three of us. Me, my wife and our beloved son, Sebastian.

From Maya Trujillo Ringe - Seatle, USA

Ketut picked us up from the airport upon our arrival and immediately suggested a lovely restaurant on the beach to have our first meal. Each morning, Ketut arrived an hour earlier than expected and was always available to meet our needs. He was not only a skilled driver but an excellent tour guide. He helped us plan our day so that we managed to see everything we wanted to and more!

He speaks very good English. He taught us how to exchange basic pleasantries and how to bargain with vendors. He suggested great restaurants and where we could get the best bargains. I never felt pressured or obligated to do anything suggested by Ketut--he does not make suggestion in order to gain something.

He is a warm and trustworthy man with a wonderful sense of humor and with an in depth knowledge of all parts of Bali.

Honestly, our trip could not have been as fulfilling without you and we very much appreciate all you did. I actually cried when we walked away from you - we got used to your smile, your bright energy and contagious laughter.

Ketut made Bali feel like home yet still an exciting adventure.

From Jasmijn Brasem - Holland

In October 2010 we spent two days together with Ketut: the first day we did a ‘Volcano tour’ and the second day Ketut drove us from Ubud to Lovina.

In these two days we’ve learned so much about Bali, the culture, the people and much more! Ketut also gave us some practical tips, which were very useful.

Thank you so much Ketut for taking such good care of us in Bali, we’ve had a wonderful time! And we hope to see you again!

These are just some of the testimonials from my past clients.

Contact me

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You can contact me by phone, or by submitting the Contact Form below.

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